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<What is matsu's Products>

Original car parts brand made in Japan, to send to the world.
"Matsu's Products" products are based on the concept of complete original parts stuck to performance and style.
We will release new parts of new ideas that are not stuck with existing concepts.
We wish to support the global automobile industry, after parts industry, motor sports industry and we can help a little further development.
I would appreciate it if you can consider this product as one of your choices among countless after parts.

<Payment method>

· Customers ordered from this site can use bank transfer or credit card settlement.
· When using bank transfer, international transfer fee is required. For international remittance charges, please contact each financial institution.
· Payment with paypal is also supported. First of all, please order using the order form of this site (selection of payment method at that time is provisional). Later, we will email customers with payment instructions. So, if you want PayPal, we will immediately forward your invoice from PayPal to you. Finally, after completing payment with PayPal, the first order form will be canceled.

<About sending out>

· In the case of overseas shipment, we adopt a method to reduce delivery costs using economy flights.
· There is a difference in delivery time of each region, it is about 2 ~ 3 weeks schedule.


Modifying a car is a very risky act. Please be sure to observe the following notes.
1) Installation should be done by a specialist with knowledge.
2) Use within the limits of regulations. If you are out of the regulations by installing the product, please never use it on public roads.
3) Regarding returned goods, we will not accept in principle unless there are obvious defects and points that differ from the description of the item.
4) We can not assume responsibility for accidents, damages that occurred in any case at the time of product installation and after installation. We appreciate your understanding after understanding kindly.


About the product It seems whether there is also a part which can not be said only on this site. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. I hope that your car life will be improved more and more with our products.



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